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The celebrities pictured within these drunk celebrity pages may not necessarily be drunk as stated. They may well be just befuddled; pictured with an alcoholic drink; flashing a bit of flesh; falling over; dancing; kissing; attending another free celeb party; looking tired or cross eyed or simply just playing for the cameras to get in the national tabloids.

All pictures brought to you from Befuddle have been sourced over the last 8 years from a selection of blog; celebrity Internet sites; newspapers and magazine scans. Some sites may be referenced on these pages. The pictures are not claimed as property of Befuddle but are believed to be public domain.

If you are the copyright owner we will happily remove your images if you really want us too. Though we’d prefer it if we could just reference your site instead and send traffic your way. We could also discuss further drunk celebrity images being published that you may have.