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Established since 1999! Befuddle has paid homage to celebrities for 15 years. Some of these girls just can't stop themselves getting drunk, leading to paparazzi upskirt shots and ultimately the 'leaked' mobile sex video. Befuddle brings you closer to this light hearted celeb content, for free. Drink responsibly.

Abi Titmuss in Topless Striptease Scene: CelebPornArchive


Abi Titmuss in lingerie does some sexy strip dance with two other girls at stage while showing a lot of cleavage and legs. She took off her top to remain topless, but she covered her tits with a hat.

*Video:abi titmuss | striptease

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Abi Titmuss & Page 3 Model Dancing

Abi Titmuss and page 3 girl Jerri Byrne at Bondi Beach nightclub Dublin, Ireland, in 2004.


WENN/Brian McEvoy

Abi Titmuss Drunk Upskirt No-Knickers

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Abi Titmuss & Charlotte Church Out Partying

Abi Titmuss Drunk

Abi Titmuss, 32, reveals in her new book how she turned to booze to help her get over the pain of a love split and had to get therapy.

The glamour girl says in “The Secret Diaries of Abigail Titmuss: How to Play the Fame Game and Come Out on Top“:

“My life is empty. It’s like there’s a gaping void inside me that I have to fill.”

“I’ve discovered there are various means of doing this: food, drink and men. But the high is transient and I am always left feeling worse than when I started. Deeply, deeply unhappy.”

Abi seeked therapy after being so drunk after a two-day bender, that she spent Christmas Day 2006 alone.


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