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Established since 1999! Befuddle has paid homage to celebrities for 15 years. Some of these girls just can't stop themselves getting drunk, leading to paparazzi upskirt shots and ultimately the 'leaked' mobile sex video. Befuddle brings you closer to this light hearted celeb content, for free. Drink responsibly.

Amy Winehouse Drunk

Amy Winehouse pictured taking swings at her own minders and fans.


Amy Winehouse Punched Three People and Her Bodyguard

Amy Winehouse Has White Powder in Her Nose

Amy Winehouse Caught Cheating Again

Amy Winehouse Drunk Wino on Stage

Amy Winehouse performing drunk? That’s what you paid for

Amy Winehouse Stumbles Home Drunk with Cigarette Burn on Arm

Why I don’t care about Amy Winehouse…

Amy Winehouse Drunk, Amy Winehouse Alcoholic

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