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Liberator Sex Furniture – Wedges, Ramps & Shapes For Creative Sex!

Staying in to have sex is the new going out – and the best bit about staying in on a Saturday night is finding new and imaginative ways to reach those dizzy heights of orgasmic bliss. There’s been much buzz recently about the new ranges of designer sex furniture created by global sensation Liberator, not least because George Clooney was seen carrying a rather fetching purple sex wedge created by the naughty furniture specialist (for a role in a play, he claimed!).

Want To Get Into A Bit Of Sexy Designer Love Furniture? Our Guide Will Give You The Lowdown!

The Liberator Range

The Rolls Royce of sex position furniture. Not only does it let you try out brand new bedroom contortions without having to be an Olympic gymnast, it looks damned good as well. This range is based around several key shapes, all of which have been cunningly and ergonomically designed to get your bits into exactly the right spot for some quality stimulation. Hollywood stars were recently given items from this range in their Golden Globes goodie bags.  If that doesn’t confirm the star quality of this bedroom adventure  gear, nothing will!
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Liberator Wedges – The Original and Ever Popular Sex Shape

27 degrees of blissful lift which creates the optimum angle for deeper penetration and more precise stimulation. The Missionary Position will never be the same when you use one of these amazing shapes. Choose the basic wedge or go upmarket and grab yourself one from their Black Label range which comes complete with restraints and a blindfold so you can get your partner right where you want them!
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Liberator Ramps – Extra Lift For Extra Fun!

12 inches of lift make this a great accessory if you love doggy style fun. Enjoy all new positions as the ramp supports your body comfortably allowing you to enjoy all new angles and greater g spot stimulation. The Black Label version of the ramp has sexy restraint attachments and tethers for extra naughty fun.
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Liberator Esse – The Ultimate Designer Sex Lounger

About the only way to describe this beautiful sex position aid is that it feels as good as it looks. Sensual curves cradle and support you to perfection and the Esse will compliment the décor of any room. A fabulous and stylish bit of boudoir gear and a great tool for delicious sexploration
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