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Established since 1999! Befuddle has paid homage to celebrities for 15 years. Some of these girls just can't stop themselves getting drunk, leading to paparazzi upskirt shots and ultimately the 'leaked' mobile sex video. Befuddle brings you closer to this light hearted celeb content, for free. Drink responsibly.

Young Emma Watson Drunk Party Pics


Upper 5 Social Ball (16.06.06)

Irial’s Barn Party (28.01.06)

Annie’s Birthday (29.11.05)

Emma Watson 18th Birthday Upskirt Flash

Emma Watson leaving her 18th birthday party at Automat restaurant, London. She looks drunk but the Internet storm has been on her flashing her see-through knickers. What would Harry Potter think!?

Emma Watson Drunk

Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson drunk at a party and flirting with 3 men at a Polo day.


No More Harry Potter for Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a lush

Emma Watson is On the Wrong Way With Alcohol

What would Harry say? Emma Watson gets flirty with THREE dashing men at the polo

Emma Watson Underage Drinking Scandal

Alan Davidson

John Furniss/Wireimage.com