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Established since 1999! Befuddle has paid homage to celebrities for over 13 years. Some of these girls just can't stop themselves getting drunk, leading to paparazzi upskirt shots and ultimately the 'leaked' mobile sex video. Befuddle brings you closer to this light hearted celeb content, for free. Drink responsibly.

Paris Hilton in Sex Pledge This Scene: CelebPornArchive


Paris Hilton walking into a room in a pink bra and panties as she wakes up some other girls. Then Paris Hilton seen in sexy lingerie as she rides a guy during a sex scene in which another girls hides under the bed below. From National Lampoon’s Pledge This.

*Video:paris hilton | pledge this

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Paris Hilton Nude on Screen: Mr.Skin

Paris shows pink.

Mr.Skin Tour: Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton Drunken Stumble

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Drunk Paris Hilton Climbs Gate

Paris Hilton stumbles after a night on the tiles and later she is seen scaling an iron gate.

Source: Partying Paris comes unstuck and almost hits the deck

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Paris Hilton Hungover Flashing Nipple

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Courtney Love & Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton Drunk

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Paris Hilton Drunk Girl Kissing Sidekick Pics

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Paris Hilton Drunk & Friends

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